Rendered Spaces, a collaboration of designers, web developers, and event space experts. If you are a Residential Home Builder, Commercial Builder, Real Estate Agent, Event Venue / Planner, Public Space, or in Hospitality, our design services are perfect for you. Help your clients better visualize their surroundings whether it be a new home purchase, navigating your event, or mapping out your public space. All of this in Real Time 3D View directly on your website.



Residential Home + Commercial Builders.

Perfect For Home Builders

Who wants to look at boring 2D designs?

Event Venues

Help your clients visualize your surroundings.

Perfect for Event Venues

Eliminate redundant requests for venue floor plans.


Trade shows, Festivals, Private Events.

Perfect for Events

Help your clients navigate your event.


Help your clients envision their vacation.

Perfect for Hospitality

Clients love looking at their accommodations. 

Public Spaces

Galleries, Museums, Communities.

Perfect for Public Spaces

Help your clients navigate your space.


Help your client visualize their new home.

Perfect for Real Estate Agents

Help your clients remember what they visited.


Residential Home Builder

You are a Home Builder / Commercial Builder and want to help your clients visualize what they are buying. we will take your 2D floor plan models and create professional topical 3D renderings. As consumers in this industry, we have first hand experience on how much more effective it is to be able to see the models in 3D when actual floor model walk throughs are not available.


Consumers spend hours, if not weeks or months planning their perfect vacation. It is a trillion dollar industry. In this example, you are a Hotel, Resort, Cottage Rental, Time Share, or even an Airbnb Host. Bring your suites to life and help your clients make better informed choices before booking. Help them envision how they will be spending their dream vacation.

Event Venue

You are hosting an Event, Trade ShowFestival, (one time or recurring) at a specific venue every year and would like your customers to be able to navigate their way around easily. Or, you are an Event Venue and would like to have your unique space rendered to better assist your event planners, clients, and any trades people who will be utilizing your space.

View a live 3D rendering of your space.

Once we have designed your floor plans, your clients have the ability to
drag and drop furniture assets into your space. Click here to see a 3D demo.