Design Process

Step 1: Getting Started

    If you do not have Domain and Hosting secured, please sign up using our links below and send us the username and password for each of these accounts. If you already have Domain and Hosting, please send us your current domain and host name, username, password as well as your cpanel username and password.

  • 1. Godaddy – Domain
    A domain is your web site name such as If you do not have a domain yet, visit Godaddy and acquire one.
  • 2. Site5 – Hosting
    Hosting is where your web files are stored. If you do not have hosting, visit Site5 and get the HostBasic package.
  • 3. Sucuri – Security
    Your website needs to be monitored for security. Web hacks and malware are unfortunate and to best protect your website from being shut down, you will need to sign up with Sucuri’s basic plan. Our policy requires that your website be monitored.
  • 4. – Subscription
    If you are adding Floor Plan renderings, you will need to sign up with a Floor Planner account. Depending on how many spaces you have, there are different pricing options. We recommend either the Plus or Pro Accounts.


Step 2: Design Process

  • 1. Ordering our Design Services
    If you would like to get started on your project, please contact us to see how we can help. Before we get started, a 50% deposit is due.
  • 2. Project Scope
    We will send you questionnaire to get to know a little more about your company, your goals, your likes and dislikes.
  • 3. Site Navigation
    We will work with you to finalize the site navigation.
  • 4. Submit any Logos, Photos, Images, Copy
    a. Logo in vector format.
    b. Photography and images are what make and break your design. We believe that a true authentic website features your own photos shot by a professional photographer.
    c. Web copy supplied in one Word document with each page separated by title.
    d. We also encourage you to provide any sketches, drawings, other samples to aid in the design process.
    e. We will require all of your images and copy before the start of your project.
  • 5. Logo / Wordmark Design
    If you have ordered a logo/wordmark, we will send you 2 logo concepts (depending on my current schedule, anywhere between 7-10 business days.) You are allowed 2 rounds of revisions after which our $80/hour fee will be applied. We encourage you to mix and match any of the designs and tweak colours.
  • 6. Web Design
    Because of the intricacies of web design, we usually work through this on a case by case basis in terms of set up and design, however general rules apply. You are allowed 2 rounds of revisions after which our $80/hour fee will be applied.
  • 7. Floor Plan Design
    Submit to us all your 2D floor plans with final measurements in place. They can be in AutoCad, PDF, JPG, PNG, or sketched on a paper. With EACH floor plan we render, you are allowed 2 rounds of revisions after which our $80/hour fee will be applied. To maintain your online floor plans for future, we advise you to become familiar with online software. Note that we do not offer tech support for this software.
  • 8. Final Sweep
    After your project is at a 99% complete level, you can do one final sweep of minor changes. After this, your project is complete and your balance is due before your project goes live.
  • 9. Phone Tutorial
    We will go over with the basics on how to manage your own website once the design is completed.

Other Tidbits

  • Refunds
    We take pride in our work and will do our best to complete the design according to your specifications. By going through our design process, this helps us stay on track and on budget. We will never add any costs to your project without first consulting with you. If you cancel our services within 3 days of your deposit, a 90% refund will be given on the deposit. After this, there will be no refund on the deposit.
  • Copyright
    Rendered Spaces retains copyright of all design work until final payment is made after which the copyright will then belong to the client. If contract is terminated before work is completed, all design work will remain copyright of Rendered Spaces. Rendered Spaces and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other design elements as samples of their work in their respective portfolios. A small design reference linking to our website at Rendered Spaces will appear at the bottom of each webpage and be displayed for as long as our design is publicly on the internet, regardless of where your site is hosted or maintained. Doing this will ensure that our business continues.
  • Project Timeline
    The more organized you are with your information, the faster the process can go. Our longest web project took 8 months, our shortest web project took 4 days, both with the same equal amount of information and complexity. Ultimately, the client controls 75% of the timeline. Our best advise for you is to have all your ducks in a row and to really know what you want before getting started on your project. For example, have all your images and content ready to go with minimal errors, signing up with 3rd part required services, having an idea of what your site navigation will be, having your floor plans laid out in order etc.